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SupraZ2000 searches the scrap yards of Montreal so you don’t have to!

Have you ever spent days looking for the part that you need at scrap yards? It’s exhausting and can cost more money than it saves. Additionally, you run the risk that you’ll spend all that time running around Montreal, and never find the part you need. Fortunately, there is another option. SupraZ2000 is a car part broker that specializes in providing new and used parts to the public. We negotiate directly with manufacturers to get you the best prices the industry has to offer.

Scrap is often taken to a scrap yard, where it is processed for later melting into new products. A scrap yard, depending on its location, may allow customers to browse their lot and purchase items before they are sent to the smelters although many scrap yards that deal in large quantities of scrap usually do not, often selling entire units such as engines or machinery by weight with no regard to their functional status. Customers are typically required to supply all of their own tools and labour to extract parts, and some scrap yards may first require waiving liability for personal injury before entering.

In contrast to wreckers, scrap yards typically sell everything by weight, rather than by item. To the scrap yard, the primary value of the scrap is what the smelter will give them for it, rather than the value of whatever shape the metal may be in. An auto wrecker, on the other hand, would price exactly the same scrap based on what the item does, regardless of what it weighs. Typically, if a wrecker cannot sell something above the value of the metal in it, they would then take it to the scrap yard and sell it by weight. Equipment containing parts of various metals can often be purchased at a price below that of either of the metals, due to saving the scrap yard the labour of separating the metals before shipping them to be recycled.

If you are looking for a scrap yard in Montreal, you should try SupraZ2000 first! Delivery is guaranteed across Canada within 48 hours, usually in 24 hours! Our policy is to serve each customer as though they were the most important customer. Give us a call today at 1-877-999-0080 or drop by our location in Montreal at 1170, Boul. Ste-Foy, Longueuil, QC, J4K 1W9. 

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